Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take insurance?
No, unfortunately the limitations of insurance reimbursement do not allow us to provide the quality of care our patients demand.  By being fee for service and Out of Network, our appointment times are significantly longer and allow sufficient time to fully address all issues and concerns. It also allows autonomy and privacy in regards to treatment decisions. Lastly, some of the integrative aspects of our practice are not covered services.

Why would I want fee for service psychiatry if I have insurance?
Many patients find it is not significantly more expensive than using insurance.  With high deductible plans, many people never reach the deductible and find they are essentially paying out of pocket for lower quality services.  Your medications will still be covered by insurance.  You could continue to see a therapist in your insurance network if you prefer. Most people see their psychiatrist every one to three months, but more frequent visits are available if needed.

Can I submit for out of network reimbursement from my insurance company?
Yes, we will provide a superbill at your request that you can submit to your insurance company and may reimburse for a portion of your payment. There is no guarantee on the amount, if any, you will be reimbursed. You can also utilize third party businesses such as Claimly for assistance with this process. Also, some services provided may not be covered by your policy.

What is the difference between fee for service and concierge services?
With fee for service, you are paying for individual services as you want them. This would work well for someone fairly stable who needs medication refills every 2-3 months along with a skilled professional to help monitor them for continued stability. The concierge option is ideal for those wanting regular monthly appointments as well as benefiting from other modalities offered such as MAT or Biosound Therapy.

Should I expect to pay any other fees?
In order to keep overhead low and to offer optimum value, we charge an additional fee for administrative work outside of your appointment time, which exceeds more than 10 minutes. Time is billed in quarter-hour increments of $50 and is expected when services are rendered. This includes: phone calls/emails/direct messaging (unless you are enrolled in our concierge program and then it is included); photocopies or faxing; document preparation or completing forms for a third party; record review, completion of any paperwork/forms; and obtaining any prior authorizations for medications or treatment.

What Makes FCIP special?
Our doctor! Dr. Luing is an experienced and highly skilled psychiatrist. She completed a Bachelors in Science (magna cum lauda) and then an additional 4 years of rigorous medical school education at University of Florida. This was followed by a 4 years residency program in General Psychiatry and a final year in Forensic Psychiatry. She later completed training for board certification in Addiction Medicine. She had over 15,000 structured and supervised clinical hours when she completed her medical/psychiatric training. You will not find this level of expertise in mental health outside of a board certified psychiatrist.

What conditions are treated at FCIP?
Dr. Luing has expertise and experience in treating the full range of brain-based illnesses, including, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, thought disorders, attention disorders, trauma-based disorders, addiction, and substance use disorders. Regarding the latter, she is licensed to treat with buprenorphine (Suboxone) for opiate dependence and is also very experienced with Vivitrol.

When would FCIP refer you to another provider?
If your difficulties fall outside the scope of Dr. Luing’s psychiatric treatment specialties, she can refer to you to other mental health professionals. She is connected with other providers who can provide more extensive or specialized treatments like EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing), TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation), holistic treatments like acupuncture, and more intensive substance abuse treatment, for example.

What is Integrative Psychiatry?
Integrative psychiatry is a holistic approach that uses both conventional and complementary therapies in the treatment of psychiatric disorders. Personalized treatments are developed to suit each person’s lifestyle and strengthen self-awareness and resources for self-care.

When can I get an appointment?
Our goal is to be able to offer you a first appointment within the next week. Sometimes same day or next day appointments will be available. We are keeping our patient load low to allow better ease in allowing patients to make timely appointments and avoid long waits to be seen.

What is your “no wait time” policy?
We know you are busy and we know you don’t have time to sit and wait for the doctor. Our no wait policy means you will rarely have any wait time and we will work very hard to ensure your appointment will start at the scheduled time.

What about medications?
We offer all the same services as conventional psychiatry and Dr. Luing is an expert in psychopharmacology (medication management). However, we also offer additional expertise and services due to our focus on mental wellness and not just the absence of disease. We believe for many issues medications are just part of the solution.

What about therapy?
Our visits include both medication management and therapeutic interventions with an emphasis on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR).  We may recommend additional therapy modalities or intensities either at out clinic or with other clinicians. We also may recommend types of mindfulness mediation or other techniques. We are happy to work with patients already established with a therapist and can collaborate as needed.

What about Medication Assisted Therapy (MAT)?
We will offer MAT including Vivitrol, Suboxone, and other medication options for treating substance use disorders. Our psychiatrist is also board certified in Addiction Medicine and is a thought leader in the community on dual diagnosis care. Patients receiving MAT will be expected to participate in group therapy at F.C.I.P as well as other recovery behaviors.

What is Biosound therapy? (COMING SOON)
Biosound therapy is a treatment modality that integrates biofeedback, sound healing massage, guided imagery and therapeutic music. This incredibly relaxing modality will help in your overall wellness plan and can be a significant help for insomnia, anxiety, and chronic pain.

  • Binaural beats induce a theta level meditative state
  • Low frequency vibrations trigger a natural relaxation response
  • Coherent heart rhythm patterns synchronize the body
  • Positive affirmations develop mindfulness and awareness

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