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First Coast Integrative Psychiatry offers comprehensive, high quality, psychiatric care in St Johns County, Florida. Our focus is on complete mental and physical wellness and helping our patients reach their maximum potential.  Our psychiatrist treats a wide range of psychiatric and substance use disorders through medication management, medication assisted therapy (MAT), psychotherapy and complementary and alternative medicine. We offer the latest and most advanced interventions and techniques for improving mental wellness. However, we also focus on a holistic approach including biofeedback, meditation/mindfulness, nutrition, micronutrients, exercise and bodywork.  We offer these services both in person and in the comfort of your home or office via Tele-psychiatry (with the exception of MAT).

We understand that your lives are busy and there are many demands on your time. We offer extended hours (evening and weekend appointments are available) as well as the option of Tele-Psychiatry sessions for your convenience.  Our fee for service private payment structure allows us to provide the highest level of care and offer services not traditionally covered by insurance.  The decisions made in treatment are between the patient and physician and allows complete privacy and autonomy. We are also an autonomous practice free from the constraints of a large hospital system.

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